Thursday, May 26, 2005

Performance at NYCC

Yesterday was the performance at NYCC for the Jap High School ... mentioned this before so bore ya all with the details .....
Reached there late~~~! (lucky June never scold me).... so we went on with the usual Zi a zi A zia zia zia zia ze ... (a form of warm up for the voice~ should you be thinking what Huiling is Raving about)... then this 18 Auntie (死八婆) keep calling Yanxing and came up to rush us to sing like half an hour before the stipulated time ... then when finally SouNds EaSy went down for the performance at 7 (at her request) we waited like until 8pm!!!! for our performance,... so no choice la ... already down ... so we have to entertain ourselves.... luckily ClaIre is loaded (not that kind of loaded) with 欠扁问答题 (like 熊来了 guess a 成语 and 第十一本书) ....

Finally got to perform .... but the photo taking session after the performance is the real finale.... we went up the stage to take photos with the Jap (Oh so Kawaii) gals .... but there are too many pple so we have to come off stage and line up below the stage ... the guys ( and Claire ) Zao Lo 走路 and left us gals there to pose ... then after like how many~th photos the light suddenly went out then there was a loud Boom(and screams including mine)!~~ one of the ceiling light got short circuit and fell from the ceiling right on the stage where we stood just now!! OhmigoSh!!! What if we continue to stand there??? (or course there wont be this blog)

Lucky sia ... think can buy 4D liao .. although I never buy 4D lah ... but many really can win this time heehee

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