Friday, May 27, 2005

Something very very s ~w e~ e~ t happened just now!!!~~~ Today 27th is mi and Dar's 4 years and 3rd month anniversary ... and I was at home playing 小叮党(I know wrong word ... but I couldn't find the correct one) beginning to wonder how come Dar never reply my msges... tot he slept for like the whole day .... then guess what?? Suddenly there are some knockings on the door ... mi and my dad tot its like some salesman ... so we din bother opening the door ... then my sis went to see... hey presto! its Dar who came over as a surprise together with two cakes for celebration of the anniversary! ~~~ I was like shocked as I really din expect it ... hehe ~~~ The cakes are delicious too and in our fav flavours too! (Chocolate & Strawberry) ~~ But now its my turn ... cause Dar's hatchday is coming and mi haven got the slightest idea what to get for him eh ~~ (=_=;)

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