Sunday, May 22, 2005

Went Shopping yesterday

went to Somerset yesterday to FTC asking about the ACCA course.... so ex!!! but no choice lahz ... have to consider taking it if I want to survive in my job... unless of course I can become a Tai Tai within a year or 2 hee hee ... but cannot ah ... cause If I just sit and do nothing ... will become a fat and lazy pig!!(@_@;)

Anyways went to Mango at Centrepoint ah ... surprisingly so few pple there... of course silly ol'me ust have forgotten that GSS is round the corner... of course they will save more money now for a 大出血next week ah ... but found a green top that I liked... but it cost Eur19!!! thats like S$40++ so I din buy it cause its like so ex and not quite worth it sia .... but now I think about it ah ... abit regret ... heehee....

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