Friday, July 29, 2005

Mindless Ramblings (tell you not the stomach liao!)

Hmm... long time never update my blog ... got many reasons ah ... cause I don't know what to write also too busy to think of what to write and also dun want to think ...
Too tired ah ... OTed for God knows how many days ... who ever heard of Accts Chap payroll for HR while HR don't do anything? (stupid 死狗 凸(`з´))"Don't ask the company what the company can do for you... ask yourself what you can do for the company ... " yeah can chap sai mah! Haiz sian .. dun want to talk about this ... getting more and more depress... then when I get more depress... its more ramblings from me (not stomach lah)... cannot eat liao .. getting fatter and fatter but also more and more tired... dun have the time and energy to go exercise... ok ok I know this is an excuse... dun 拆穿me (T.T) .. yeah yeah will get to the swimming pool soon ba... soon ... soon ....

.. I know you all cannot understand what mi is saying but never mind .. cause why?? this is my blog mah! Its what ever I think and I say as long as its not deflamatory and the blahz right? Anyway after I post this thing on I myself may not even understand what I am writing but never mind ... blog mah ..

Tml going to see baby (^з^)-☆ 唯婷yeah!! can see cute cute baby again .. want to be her God Ma ehz.. .. but cannot ahz... cause going to be her 舅妈 (think so) ba ... Want to bring camera to take her photos ... will put up for ya all to see the cute cute baby kies? (。'-')y

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