Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sounds Easy Move House!!

Went for the 1st in history Sounds Easy pract at Ulu Pandan CC ysterday... (Ulu Pandan? I tot SEZ based in NYCC?) Yeah man! Sounds Easy has officially moved to Ulu Pandan CC at Buona Vista!!! \(^∇^)/ ... Hopefully we'll be able to increase our strength and not fail my responsibilities as a recruitment officer heez .. So those of you who stumbled into my site and interested in chorale singing pls tag me or email me at If you have any friends interested in chorale singing/ Christmas caroling or any lobangs for performances contact me too yeah?

Haven been tagging for like a few days? Thats because I'm having headache from all the OT I am doing... heez... its bothersome when your bosses have to go overseas for a few weeks cause everything that you can finish in a month suddenly gets compress into a few days ...but at least that ensures I will have some savings for the next month .. haha ... otherwise I cant take the course that I wanted ... But talking about taking courses right ... it makes me wonder ... actually how long will I be in this line? If I put in 2 years to take the course then work in this line for like 4 years... is that a waste? This is a question put to me when I asked for advices. However putting some thoughts in it... I felt that it wont be a waste cause no matter what its something learnt and you'll never know when that something will come into good use right? Somemore this course is something related to everyday life..... So I've decided to take it ... (Provided I have the money ah! ~ Donations please? Heez~)

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