Saturday, August 06, 2005

Went for a hair cut today!! Left my hair wild for like 9 months without cutting/trimming ... its like wild grass!! But couldn't bear to cut it too short so just did away with 3 inches and half my fringe heez....

Went to the new lib at Bugis to help Kel return her book .... (Well it was on the way anywayz ... after my hair cut) What a disappointment!!! (>_<)Although the lib is big ... it consist of mainly a drama centre and research materials ... only B1 is for the common reading .... and went I get there ... there are like too few books for browsing ... but there are alot of newspapers though ... Maybe I went too late so most of the books have been borrowed by others (How can it be? Isn't it a super lib?(x_x;) )... very few seats for reading ... well maybe cause most of the seats are taken up by uncles and aunties who couldn't any other places for their afternoon doze... (-_-)zzz

Met with Dar later after browsing the lib ... couldn't find anything to read ... there are only 2 misery 衛斯理 books left when I was there ... had lunch at 330 and waited for whole 30 mins for our food (Fish and chips very difficult to cook?) Walk around Bugis .. but feel a bit sianz so we went back to lib cause Dar want to borrow books... well in the end manage to grab a book to read its called 可愛的女人 by 小野
turned out to be a pretty good book ...

went with Dar to meet Anson, Joe and the Blk 42 guys for his gathering.... so now its bloggy and games time for mi!
have been in depress mode since like last week ... after cutting my hair feels better ... no wonder its called 三千煩惱絲~!(~.^)s

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