Friday, August 19, 2005

Bloody dead dog's getting on everybody's nerves again~~ with ever decreasing jobscope and increasing pay~~ Bloody manager with fake maniacal laughter~~
thicker skin than Cambelle soup without water..! Unable to get 小雞先生 to send him back in his car..he deliberately miss the company transport so that he wont need to squeeze with the workers..~ he specially waited for my M to send him back after our short OT.... and hey Mister D.o.G ... don't you remember who is chabbing ur sai/屎/糞/大便/shit~~? The car pool is full and u still got the cheek to make stupid jokes like "Never mind I can sit on their laps" Hey u 超級無敵下流不要臉大色狼~~ as if we will appreciate ur shitty butt on us~ can't even stand to have u within our eye sight man~~oops ... dog~~

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