Monday, August 29, 2005

more whip cream

more whip cream
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Swensen's outing with Sounds Easy after the perf ... heez time for more jokes and laughter ... and since we wont be having any practs on Weds ... its a ktv outing on Weds~~~!!! Yeah!! Finally get to go KTV~~!! We even played a trick on June lehz ... After receiving June;s msg thanking us for the perf ... all of us sent identical msg to her at the same time asking her to go for the KTV session~ Heez ... but she only replied Yanxing ... so cept for Yanxing ... the rest of us sent identical msg to her again asking her why she dun want to go! Imagine her hp beeping all the way on the mrt and she had to shift thru 7 identical msges~!! Heez!

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