Saturday, September 03, 2005

KTV with Sounds Easy

Went to KTV with Sounds easy on Weds... Wah Liu ... laugh until like mad ... especially when Claire tried to do actions to the words in the songs that we are singing... e.g "blocks my eyes" then she covered my eyes with her hands until I cannot see the words and laugh until I cant sing ... Then we are all trying to "Qisheng" the songs (Qisheng=Phil=Feel)~~ worse case is when I was trying to explain how "Mu-Chan" in "Tactics" looks like when it eats worms I said "When we eat worms" wah liu ... they burst into laughter! Then we all laugh like mad until sore throat heehee... Even Yang tease mi by putting it into the song he is singing .. +_*"

Then when I tried to sing 梁靜茹 - 我都知道 Ah Di said I am doing my bad habit again. (Putting my hands on the mike) Then Dar tried to push the mike when it hit my teeth! Ouch!!~~ Pain until I cry man!

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