Sunday, October 02, 2005

Settlers' Cafe

Kudos to Didi for organizing the outing yesterday eh ... went to Settlers' Cafe at Clarke Quay yesterday with JuDy, Vern0n RensHi, Allan, CiNti, LiJie, B0on Hwee and dAr ... So fun! Makes me feel like we went back to Secondary's time with the secondary school's gang ... heez ...
played games like Tetris (?), Miners-Saboteurs, Apples to Apples, Animal farm(?) and the usual Taboo! Hahaa So fun man especially the silly animal noises we made for Animal Farm (EeOrh! Oink Grr, Koko Ke~....) and the guys vs gals for Taboo~ Finally the 4 hours session ended with a 31--28 and the guys won for Tab0o aiyo!!!!! ... Cant believe we will lose man! Even though we tried to choose the difficult words for the guys to play~~ hehe ;P

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