Friday, January 06, 2006

hmm actually I did a post before this but it doesnt seem to go thru leh ... sianz ... dun wanna type again hehe
Aniwae I was saying that it was damn fun singign with the Sounds Easy pple cause not only they a bunch of un pple but they are like me ... Dun we just love to sing?

Performance was fun for 2005 xmas ... this yr we had the JJ girls with us ... aint they a bunch of cute 17 yr olds? haha ... unforturnately most of them are not going to be Sounds Easians .. So sad~~ o(>_<)o

Perf at One Fullerton was fun ... I love to sing outdoors more than indoors ba ... esp hate air con cause they make my throat dry and itchy .. Everyone had fun singing for the 2 days we perf although there are not much audiences and the response wasnt so warm ... maybe it was the first perf for the yr maybe c0s of the sounds system maybe becos of the cool night (sea) wind...

It was FUN~ so There~!

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