Friday, January 06, 2006

Heez~ Know why i never blog for so long then suddenly blog so much? haha .. cause Ah Di say me lor~~m(_ _)m ->sorry I never blog for so long ... aiya I lazy ma somemore perf and perf and pract and pract ... after that OT and OT like nobody's business... So here I blog and blog and blog haha~ then u read and read ... although there are not much things to read (;^_^A (Aiyo enough or not? say and say ... ) okies okies ... what's left are the photos from the grad night which I haven leech from June lolz ..

and of course my boring every day life heez ...
have started ACCA already and Tues was my first lesson ... and the moment we started lessie the lecturer told us the module will be scrap next yr ... Wah liu .. since its no use why not scrap earlier? then I dun have to waste money ah~~ real tired leh ... start lessie at 645 end at 945 reach home at 11pm!!! by the time i wash my face Dar already called me and said he sleeping in 5 mins ... (x_x;) ... dunnoe how long I can last leh

Aniwae I am addicted (as Ah Di said it) to Maple Story although I dun play it very well ah (he says I always hero hero rush to kill the monsters end up reduce my HP only) Play until no need to sleep ... my colleagues said how come I perf also tired never perform also tired haha~~ Mummy Jo (& Sin yee)~~ Happi Hatchday~~(^з^)-☆

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