Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sounds easy Bdae~

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Sounds Easy Bdae~!!!!

This was a whole day event with YX and Ben planning the most Xiong round island in history haha... Thankfully (or not) I'm working and unable to join in the games. Game-rs have to decipher clues like "中国跳" and the "死八婆between the 大伯公and Jesus" in order to go to their station... + killer restrictions like the kind of transport, the amount of transportation fee E.g $0.60 (really!!), time taken for each stations+ the photo to take~! (;^_^A

Older members will really appreciate this game as the so called stations are actually the places that Sounds Easy had performed before... reliving the memories (makes us feel old?) no la~! Will make us appreciate the choir more!!

What are those cards in the photos? Oh they are our 感想卡片where we write small notes of each SEZ members.. hehe (dun show u my card~!!) o(*^▽^*)o~♪

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