Friday, July 20, 2007


going for our trip to Melaka this Sat with YX, GMC, Di and Dar..... really look forward to it although we will be going to some places like the portugese fort which I've already been to once in Sec 1 .... still... its the companionship that matters although I see these pple like maybe once a week and sometimes we see each other most of the week haha .... but there's no end to the fun and laughter when we are together.... my soulmates too when I have problems and the first to be there when I needed help ... (refer to my past entries esp the ROM one) .... and Ah Di whom I've known for 11yrs(!) and Dar who will always be with me for the rest of my living decades..... Claire and YX whom developed 默契 with me via JJC choir and Sounds Easy~~~~ Oops... gotten too emotional~~~~ (wipe away tears)

Look out! durians @ Melaka! Here we come!

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