Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rainbow Ring

"beep beep" (ok that's my sms ... I duno how to imitate Sony Ericsson sms tone la) from Ah Di : Did u see the rainbow ring in the sky? There right where the sun is" Me: "eh... no eh I look thru the skylight like cannot see rainbow ring" Ah Di : " There it is ah... u must go out of the building to see la" Me (out of the building) : "Still dun have eh ... maybe due to the dark clouds covering everything" Ah Di : " seems like those in the west cannot see lei" and so he proceeded to take a photo of it and sent to me :
Nice right?? But too bad cannot take the whole ring eh ~ but his phone cam must be better than mine la cos if I am the one taking, you all can only see the tiny specks of dust on my cam lens haha

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