Wednesday, September 26, 2007

testing testing~

hmm ... how come ah? I cannot log in blogger and gmail eh....
but I wanna blog eh so lets try yahoo mail and see whether it goes thru if it doesn't go thru then I'll cut and paste when I can log in ~~

wahaha ...

cooked super-duper-oily-not-healthy-meal yesterday.... look at those octopus haha ... and also a random photo of my unkempt look with my hair all tied up, no make up auntie look ... aiyo~ waiting for my maple charac to heal so play around with my phone hehe

want to buy a cam eh .. want to buy Exilim cos of the slimness and the big LCD screen .. I'm a sucker for slim cams and slim phones .. haha so i can carry them around without bringing a big bag but I bring a big big white bag with me everywhere anyway ... so no diff .. but I still want to sell off my 3.2MP oldie Sony cam ... to buy a 6MP cam .. not that the MP matters that much but I would like a slim phone to bring around with me eh~ I'll love to take pics of things around me ....

Just gotten photoshop installed yesterday ... finally eh cos tried the whole day and the comp just keep telling me I have no space on my comp ... but actually its Vista doing its work again ... cos I was maple-ing when I tried to activate ... and I also found when I use maple, Vista don't allow me to get into Gmail and Yahoo mail and I subsequently found out, internet banking also not allowed... so where I need to key password, I can't access when there is maple on .. how wonderful... I feel so secured ... ;P

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