Saturday, October 20, 2007

Phone deco

Sing:- Good morning singapore~~~~~

haha ... was spending some time doing up my phone yesterday ... went to Comics Connection and bought phone stickers, in my fav shade of purple! Yes I love light pastel purple.... not pink although I tend to wear alot of pink clothes bt that is because pink suits my skin tone and nice purple shade is hard to find..... bling bling~!

The final look haha bt the flash too bright and the design is too simple bt its fine since this is a back up phone till I get my Sony repaired. Too bad my Sony is nt a flip phone else I will also deco it with lots and lots of crystals hahaha
the crystals even goes to my monitor!! should have bought more crystals hahah bt there was only like 1 pack in purple colour.....
Ok going to hibernate ..... going off to JB for collection of gown and rest and get ready for Sunday~ Maybe will not come back to blog unless I feel restless... which I don't think so since tml MIL is coming over to find us and Claire is around ... hahaha ;)

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