Monday, October 01, 2007

wa ha ha~~ super super long posts with lots and lots of photos ... so much that I had to combine them ah.... here goes:-


29 Sept 07

This is the nite for 陈绮贞Cheer's A piece of summer concert at Max Pavilion... ┌(^_^)┘♪└(^_^)┐

At first I wanted to go for facial ah before I meet Claire for dinner then to the concert... but since I am very tired from the closing on Fri followed by choir, I decided to forgo facial and zitao meet Claire at bedok (BEDOK~~!!!) for lunner (lunch + dinner) meeting at 3pm and decided to go for shopping at Bedok interchange... I was like shocked. being from the ulu ulu west side all my life, I never knew an interchange can be so lively and filled with hip stores ... haha ... Claire bought her bag and shopped with purpose while i just go round buying watever I liked haha no wonder I spent alot of money every mth =.="

then we went to Pizza hut for lunner and chatted there until its time to leave ... went to Expo and waited for Ah Di and his sisters to arrive while we looked at the items on sale there ... CDs, VCDs, Tshirts, bags and files and of cos we bought:-

DARTH VARDERS! haha ....

look at the number of pple milling around the store? and this photo was taken quite early too... most of the things are snapped up in a jiffy...

haha ~ playing around while we waited... ヽ( ´ー`)ノ' .' , '

hahaha~ funny funny claire! and she din even know I took that many photos~ she tot I only took the 4th one cos I asked her to act sinister like a psychotic killer hahah~!

but wat the hack ah ....this is MY view... and thruout the whole show, keep getting blocked by her~~ they shouldn't allow tall pple to sit in front eh~ (no offence to tall pple ah just a complain from habbie pple (me)) further ... very suay cos Claire, Di and I are very excited abt the concert lor~ but many of those sitting in front of us (and blocking) are not even excited... a whole row of pple in the row in front isn't even clapping lor~! damn rude.... wonder y they are there.... (o`з´o)

look look look look~! OMG OMG OMG~ the concert! Ta da! haha .... Cheer started out with some slow songs (no doubt damn nice~! haha) then it graduated into rock style performance getting everyone high... haha esp Claire and I being the only 2 in our block (at least the first 5 rows) to wave our darth varder wand abt enthu-ly... believe me, we both got our arm muscles aching the next day! ...

and after the concert ended... which is round 10pm... enthusiastic fans would'nt leave and requested for encores.... at that time alot of pple are already so high they are standing on chairs (Claire and I inclusive)to watch the concert and some danced with the rock songs Cheer brought ... her fans are really very enthu ... while many of the pple are already leaving.... we are still there requesting encores... and Cheer~ being the great person she is .. actually brought to us 5 times of encores~! (or 6??) woohooo~~~~~ even the usually-very-calm-ah di had to be excited and went up his chair to wave/sing/dance/ to the music hahah~
fingers red cos our darth varder wand 脱色cos we are holding it so tightly

Although I am not a die hard fan of hers... but I really do love the songs that she brings and wrote... full of sincerity... full of feeling and 热情for the things she love and hated.... never acting cute... never "tehing" her voice deliberately... no gimmicks just pure pure love for singing....wish to be so ... pure in loving everything I do ...even if its not accepted by everyone .. even if pple view me as strange ... quoting Claire "hack ah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!" hahaha~

after concert is supper of cos!

YUM~ stingray~ though I din eat much cos all hoarse from screaming and I don't eat chilli anyway.....



30th Sept 2007

slept till 12pm haha ... and waking up with my voice all hoarse from screaming at the concert... tonite we are going to watch Ah Di perform as well as celebrate Claire's bdae at Tao's restaurant....

yup~ this is Tao's restaurant at paradiz centre... good food, good/friendly/personal service provided hehe .. and only at $30++ per person for a 7 course dinner ... (they have very very very nice creme of mushroom soup and Rose hip apple tea~) (^.^)b

Food~ Grilled flouder with cheese~ (nice with crunchy bits where they burn the cheese chao ta) a tat saltish though prob becos of the cheese....

Summer peach and rose hip tea.... cooling and healthy~

plus .... u get to be entertained by this group of very nice singers (A Di included) ...

Guitarist : Pierre (who turns out to be JF's friend), Edwin(+ Soloist)

Soloist: Yuxuan (+ teach), Meiting, Phil

Keyboard + Guitar+ Soloist: Kim (pai sei cos my cam MP very bad so Kim is not in the pic)

they came from this vocal sch called FM Music....

If you love singing and would like to learn... can go their website and look see.... they also have classes for keyboard, song writing... and students who have gone thru lessons may have chances to sing here at Tao's on Fridays, Sat and Sun....

next comes the bdae celebration~~!!!!:

Claire how old are u?? ....

Claire: Hmm... 1..2...3.....~

Make a fish~ make a fish~~ yeah wish done~~ when can I cut the cake???

Claire: Hmm ... how do I cut this cakee??

yeah! finally managed to eat the cake~~~ haha ... no la actually by the time we took this photo.. Claire is already too full to eat the whole cake .... but special thanks to Tao's for helping us to keep the cake in the fridge until we can get Ah Di to sing a birthday song and for decorating the plate nicely with sweet rose buds... ;)

woo hoo~ finally ... after 2.5 hrs of uploading, editing photos and writing.... haha but I think this is my longest blog ever ba~ So sorry for the blurry photos cos I don't have my cam with me and I haven bought a new one so all these photos are taken by my phone cam~


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