Sunday, December 23, 2007

Orchard Hotel Caroling

Went down to Orchard hotel on Friday to watch Claire's performance with Hall 8's Choir. Being part of Hall 8 and singing in a group too, I was naturally interested in watching other choirs.

What amazed me was not the lighting decorations at Orchard. Rather its the number of people there. So much so that I can't even cross the road without queueing and fighting with pple who are trying to come in front of me (Yes Auntie... that's U) Frankly, lighting decorations will be prettier without so many irritating lights from cars. ;D

My favourite photo for the day. One of the deco at Orchard Hotel.

The erm... xmas balls....

.... are actually part of the gigantic xmas tree in the lobby.

My super juniors...

They will be having another performance (7.30pm & 8.30pm) today and also tml at Orchard Hotel I believe, please do go and listen to them if you happened to be at Orchard ;D

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