Saturday, December 01, 2007

Phil can cook and so can YOU~

I thought I was having a blogger's block ... nothing to blog about ... I din really want to leave a blog post like:

Aiya... very sian ah .. nothing to do ... never eat lunch but ate a curry puff
for tea break.... then go choir to practice songs.. after that play game and blog...

erm ... even if you like to read this kind of stuffs, I won't like to write it .. yes its my own thoughts and activities, however writing like that will just make me feel like not wanting to update my blog. Further, although most pple will say I am quiet but actually I am quite a talkative person. It depends on who I am talking to and what the topic is about.....

but when I got home today for sounds easy practice, I was greeted by Dar and Phil preparing dinner for the night.

and so my blog topic today will be of cos :
Phil can cook and so can Claire erm... no should be....YOU~

And let me introduce the players of the day:-

Yes... so~~~~ much food for the 5 of us ... haha ... ain't you 羡慕?

But Chef Muthu... oops Chef Phil says anyone can cook~! Just follow the receipes~~

Yes~ Master Phil~!

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