Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas dinner rawks! First xmas in H3 a success!

Merry Merry XMAS!

Went to Meifang's housewarming on Sat morning and saw these:

So cute right? Wish I can bring them home keke ;D

Presents for gift exchange for the dinner later in the evening. Have to wrap and tag them the night before .....

Phil bought these for the dinner though I heard June will be bringing some along as well.

Turkey and honey baked ham (without the honey taste) from Canadian Pizza... Arrived on time though we have to cut it ourselves and its cold. Though it looks nice on the pic, the taste is not very nice though.

Vege by little ol' me~ as you can see all the rest of the dishes are "heavy" food.

Having some fun putting on the glow-bracelets Phil brought. Since we don't have deco, do whatever we can to make it seem xmassy kekeke

I chose Green! Since its the brightest of the lot ;D

Actually we do have xmas deco.. but only limited to this:

on our fridge and it became:

after the party keke cos I don know what to do with the bracelets so I stuck them there.

Look at the spread of food!

After the dinner comes the cake cutting before xmas gift exchange.

Cute "frozen" Santa which began to "sweat" under my dining room light as we tried the wine brought by June and Phil.

Gift Exchange!!! Mugs seems like the most popular gift of the year~ though I think the best "lot" goes to the Pictionary board game given by Phil and lucky Dar got that as a present~

Worst (Jokingly) "lot" seems to be the Ferrero Roche (16) given by Allan... and lucky me got that as a present... hmm... is that a hint from above that I am not fat enough or a tease to tell me I'm too fat?

Happy with our gift from June! (Will blog further abt the gifts received in later entries) Look at Kaiting! Her pose so cute ... keke

Pictionary time! I was dragged into the game from chatting with Endoh and was like quite confused abt playing the game .. seems like the game = win lose or draw .. though there are restrictions of 1 min, colour category, no numbers or symbols or gestures. There is even another dice that added more fun by asking pple to draw with eyes closed, within 1 line or using opposite hand to the frequent hand. (e.g right hander use left to draw)

Lots of fun trying to decipher drawings keke

Guess what this is???

its..................... KIWI! and we were like shouting : Chicken! Soup! Chicken Rice! Miso Soup! hahaha

Look at Claire's "mouse" (cat?) at the bottom corner of the page! "mouse"... duh!

My version of Internet drawn eyes closed

And Jing Jing's Sheep dog... my goodness and we were wondering what she meant when she nodded to us shouting "mist"...

Her explaination was mist -> clouds-> white/fluffy -> sheep!! How complicated!!

and my "puppy" drawn eyes closed. People are shouting "dog shit!" when I was trying to draw a big dog and a small dog.

Jing Jing's version of bride when she was trying to draw "veil".... now what's so special about it?
Special because she was nodding when I said "the hat of a NUN" now what has that got to do with veil??? Further, she was trying to draw a bride! Keke! Typical Jing Jing

Phil's grizzly bear... isn't that cute?

and his "octopus" tat look more like alien onde onde with legs

guess what this is? ... clue: its an action.

and Kaiting's Tapioca! Haha .. no la its a cactus...

Yanxing's Singapore Changi Airport...!

Its been like so long since we had so much fun together... Cherise the time we had together this xmas and I am glad so many pple can make it to this gathering though there are glitches ..... like no xmas deco, too much left over food...nevertheless.... Thank ya all! (and sorry to my neighbours... cos we were shouting and laughing like siao but I doubt you will be reading these ;P)


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