Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shopping Internationally

Do you buy online? Do you buy online internationally? Well, this is a funny way to ask the question as most people associate "online" with "international". I do buy online, however, its very seldom that I buy from international sites. This is because of the difficulty to make payment. I've seen very beautiful clothings and accessories in Taiwan/Malaysia sites or blogs shops from other places. I can't buy from them as they require me to transfer money via bank transfer. Sending money for 2 pieces of clothings is so difficult and costly using other methods.

If only they accept credit cards on sites! Then I can buy all I want. Here's a website that provides Credit Card Processing Services they provide the Lowest Rate Billing Payment Solutions hence Accepting Credit Cards on Website is no longer as costly. You do not need to be afraid of losing customers when cost is passed on, you do not have to worry about security issues. All you have to do is to plan how to catch customers on an international basis and build your reputation and clientele. Shop owners can now make money internationally and I can satisfy my shopping needs! ;D

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