Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chef Muthu goes China!

Went to Changi Airport T3 yesterday~ but not for fun and laughter though I did heard that many of the features there go through detailed planning before they were put up.... (oo~ complicated) but the main lead actor is not T3... its Chef Muthu! (aka Phil, aka Ah Di)

He is going to China for a business trip for 3 months and we went to send him off ... (and boy! How little luggage he brought) Went to Sushi Tei at Thomson for dinner before we went to the airport on a lorry traveling at the speed of light and some say faster....

Lucky we made it safely but the driver didn't recognize us with our hair in clumps and all over our faces....

The rumored energy saving plates at the ceiling~ Disclaimer! All news and information came from Claire and I push the responsibilities and blames to her Wa Ka Ka!

Guess what the number 4 white erm .. pillars (?) are............

And I wonder what the "Auntie" will say if I request for the trolley in the center of the block?

Energy saving!~!

We couldn't find a seat in the 24hrs TCC so we went to McCafe instead.

Although the ice chocolate tasted too milky... I do like this Choc Rasp Diva Cake. Chocolate cake with Raspberry. The taste of Raspberry blended well and subtle enough not to feel irritated.

1230AM and its time to send Phil to the Departure Gates.

Though he is going for only 3 months but for someone we see almost once a week or sometimes even more... 3 months is a very long time.

But he is there for work so we can only say Ganbatte and stop eating so much instant noodles and chocolates ;D ... remember to work out in the Gym or fill some bottles with sand for your workout.... and the blah blah blah ...

Hmm .. seems like we are more nervous than him about this trip....

Just heard from him today and he said Beijing is at 6 degrees Celsius today... damn cold... Brrr... should have worn long pants instead of berms there yeah?

Anyway I know you will read my blog even in China (that is if you can access it) .. so do take care! In Claire's language its "Protect weight and 拿照顾" ....


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