Tuesday, April 08, 2008


My friends and I simply loved to try out food and desserts. For me, desserts stands for most of it. So when I saw this link for ePosh, I just click on it out of curiosity. My first impression, the website is difficult to navigate in with its black background and brightly colored words and the extremely small words.

Nevertheless, what is a website if it serves good desserts. So we went especially from the West to Dhoby Ghaut just to get a taste of the desserts. To our dismay, the shop is just a shop front. There were no seats but just a counter sort of like Famous Amos or bubble tea. There were not much cookies left, just maybe one or two cakes at the counter and of course, brownies.

The serve crew (polite and good service quality) at the counter gave us some brownie base to try. To me, its too sweet though the texture sure is better than a lot of other brownies I've eaten. Chewy and not dry. They currently have 10 flavors out of which, we bought Jelly Peanut butter, White Choc, Triple Choc, Mashmellows, Choc butter. They also have chilli choc which I found rather special but I didn't try as I don't eat chilli.

On first taste, their brownies are definitely unique and tasted above average. But as we try on, we felt thats all there is. There is no "oopmh" of tasting a great dessert and as all the brownie bases are the same, the only difference is its blend with the toppings.

If you really want me to say, I'll recommend white choc and Mashmellow (toasted). But frankly, it would be better if there are seats in the shops for patrons to sit in, not just 2 chairs in front of the shop. Desserts especially brownies, cakes and cookies taste best eaten fresh no matter whether they can be left outside for 3 days without refrigeration.

Price is still ok, going at $3+ per piece of brownie. Currently they have a promotion of 5 pieces at $13. Great as a gift as it comes in the beautiful and posh box and paper bag in the pictures.

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