Friday, May 02, 2008

Birthday Celebration and First time Wii

Went to Yif's house Sunday for Bdae celebration for the April babies --- Judy and Yif!

Was a pot luck dinner and we all brought some items like the Green curry Yif cooked, JF bought a cake, Renshi's Sotong Balls and Poh Piah, Didi's Prawns (Was supposed to be Crabs lolx) and mine... salad (Of cos!)

Our attention were all on Yif's Little JJ (actually thats not the name of her kid but since the kid resembles his father too much, we called him Jeff Junior). While JJ was shocked that there were suddenly so much people in his house. He seems a little shy at first and we girls have no experience with kids so we just stare at him and trying to catch his attention while exclaiming at how the father and son looked so alike.

(Cute cute JJ)

JJ warm up a little as my big "kid" Dar "disturbed" or rather, play with him. Soon he became talkative and wanted to join in the girls' chat even though he could hardly talk since he was only 8mths old. He simply loves to dash at us in his "Bulldozer" walker and gives us knocks at our ankle.... and also... he loves to pull at long hair and necklaces...

Arh~~ how time flies... its like 本来我们还是学生。。。一转眼。。。 结婚的结婚。。。 生小孩的生小孩..

Its only at this time ... then we realized time flies and doesn't wait for anybody. Regret doesn't make time comes back, it just makes us mature and realize that we should have thought more not that anyone of us had done anything regrettable.... I'm just trying to act Emo....

Too bad Jamie couldn't join us that day as she was studying for her exams... So glad she got the 上进心 to upgrade herself... so Ganbatte! and get some super great results!

JF brought along his Wii .. and we had a frenzy time playing with it.... so funny to see 3 big guys getting so excited over the machine. Not to mention us girls getting noisy over the game too... Yif's neighbors must be sweating cold sweatz over the noise we were making ...

This was also my first experience with Wii .. and frankly speaking... its so so fun! Even if its just a simple game of swimming or jogging competition.... But that will only be so when its not played alone. Having friends around and all acting silly makes playing on the Wii more fun than it actually was. But I won't be investing in one ... at least not in the short term as we are currently trying to save some money for junior H2 (soon lolx) ... I won't mind a sponsor though v(^.^)o

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