Friday, December 12, 2008

Online Fashion

My husband always complain I shopped too much. Most of my shopping are done online. In fact, I've not been shopping in physical shops for a very long time. Cept for the time I went with Claire to a shop with 20% discount.

Online shopping has got many conveniences that physical shopping does not have. Especially to those who don't like to squeeze and fight over other (arhem) ladies over clothes. Or don't like to queue for 20 mins just to try on something that looks the same as the person in the fitting room next to you. (Less than 3 pieces of non-white clothes pleaseee~~) I prefer buying online where I can get handbags and clothings that are not sold in Singapore. Even though its no fault of anyone but its a fact that many brands do not come to Singapore to set up stores due to the limited sales we can generate here.

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