Saturday, August 08, 2009

Burn to save yourself but kill the others

my eye kenna ET eyes again 3 days ago. As a result i have to take mc and annual leave to stay at home. Wat caused this? Other than the stress and strange weather tat made me sick... The most impt factor is the bad air around me. Caused by newspapers on train every day... Pple bathed in perfume... But the main factor is pple burning incense paper trying to save themselves from being chased by ghosts and dragged to eternal hell because of their sins. Or being punished by the Gods also due to their sins. Goodness? How much sins can you have ? Tat you have to burn so much incense paper so tat it looks like the mountain forest in indonesia migrated to singapore? Until pple like me cant breath? Until we die from sinus and asthma? Jump into the damn can and throw the cover over yourself while you burn the earth away ba! Only you need salvation all the rest of us can just choke and die. May you be locked into a small room to burn your incense paper! Nazi can stop their poisonous gas and use incense paper smoke or a country full of banglas and mic pple to choke their enemy! With love from the smoked sardine in a noisy train. Am i in singapore?

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