Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mac book~~

Finally gotten a Macbook~~~ from Singnet's promotion that gives out Mac free even though its a small 13" book but still a laptop should be small, this has always been my view.

Real chio interface with a lot of functions and of cause, security features, but~~~~~~

It cannot install PPS~~! PPS (not power point slides) Stream had been part of my every day life and is one of my "MUST DO~~!" list before sleeping eh... but for my life, the Mac book wouldn't let it be installed no matter how I tried and searched. 
Downloading of the new fave Dragonica was like damn slow too.

Not to mention being a Window user for the past 20++ years, I can't get used to the little red cross to be on the opposite side from the IE and others like Opera which I've used before.

So now the Mac can only be used to surf net and of course blog..... Even though there is the option to replace the MAC OS with Windows OS (no Vista for me definitely), it seems quite kexi and what is a MAC book for without the MAC OS?? 

On the other hand, I didn't buy this Mac book myself, if it was bought myself, it seems money wasting to change it to Windows OS but since its a free gift, might as well spend a little money to make it useable for me. All in all, a machine is sucky to a person if it doesn't do what the person wants ne?

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  1. Anonymous11:37 PM

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    PS: Serious MacBook envy here. I'm stuck with an iMac ;)