Saturday, September 19, 2009


Yay~~~~ my Macbook has got double OS lo... thanks to Jeff and Dar who helped me with it. Now I can play Dragonica and watch PPS on Windows and internet/edit photos on Mac.... ;D

I've always wanted a Mac and now I finally got my wish. Currently waiting for Dar to decide whether he wants to use my PC or I should sell my PC away. Not thats its damn old or 烂 or anything. Its just 2 years old and working well. Oh well... maybe just need to change the motherboard battery or something. But it runs on Vista though and thats what I totally dislike. Although its chio and safe ... well... not totally safe cause even though the safety level was put as default medium (Its also the minimum level you could go) but its not like a lot of websites cannot be entered. Porn sites can still be accessed etc. But there are a lot of things that cannot be done like it stops piracy, it doesn't allow me to install some ORIGINAL games that I wanted to play.

BTW, its an Acer and if anyone happen to see this post and is interested, just comment k?

BTW again~~ 五月天 RAWKS~~~!
Monster RAWKS~~!

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