Sunday, August 01, 2010

Taiwan 6 to 16 May 10 Day 3

Ok~ I think I better finish posting for my TW trip in May before I go for my next trip in August (kekeke)
On our third day, went to 西门町for our lunch and some light shopping ...

There was this 高以翔promoting some hair serum event outside the 夸张 many floors Watson's ... too many people till we can't really get a look of him ... only can see that he is damn~~~~ tall.

There after, we went to the famous 龙山寺... It was near to their exam period .. so there was like damn lots of people there.... really "人山人海" you can see from the photo how 夸张.... Its not the fault of my pinky orh .. its the smoke generated by people who burnt lots and lots and lots of incense paper and joss sticks. These you can buy from the high tech office which has got LED running signboards.

There's a fountain show lasting 15mins every hour or so in front of the temple. Interesting though you may not want to complete the whole 15 mins.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall... went there to collect June's ticket for the concert. And we were lucky to be up at the memorial hall at 5pm for their final ceremonial handing over for the day. They have 1 every hour(I think) but the first and the last for the day are special.

Phil came at 8pm and we went to 士林for the 好吃的胡椒饼 (南港老张烧饼店)...and indeed~ it was 好吃到爆~! A definite MUST MUST try when you go to 士林... Eat it hot~ the succulent meat and the crunchy pastry will "dance" on your tongue~~

Also visited the 24 hours book store 诚品... where we bought books, books and more books... most of the books were in Chinese so maybe you can skip this if you don't read chinese books. There are some flea markets outside the building... they do sell interesting handmade jewellery, scarfs and clothes that only skinny people can fit in. If you are one of the skinny people, you can go and take a look.


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