Saturday, July 02, 2011

Broke my Record~!

What record? What record??

 Ta Da~~! I've watched 2 movies this year~! 

I know a lot of you face faulted ...

But to me, that figure IS alot ... movie watching initiated by me/my hubby that is.... Cause usually I go to the movie theatre to watch when friends asked. The last movie I went by myself was "Stich" (Nearly forgotten the name of the movie as well) lolx~

My blog is not to review the movie k~ Usually I just blog about how I feel before/during/after watching the movie.

Kung Fu Panda 2 (阿波来了~!)

Was bombarded with the adverts for this movie while in Taiwan, every cable channel we surfed to will be screaming 阿波来了~!阿波来了~!at us. That's the power of advertisements you see.... when you kenna screamed at for sometime, you will get the uncontrollable urge to watch/buy/use the product....
ok ok ~ I admit, we wanted to watch the show even without being screamed at....

This is certainly the funniest movie I've watched this year~ although I've not watched many ... I was quite amused that I was able to hear the characters over the din in the cinema. Why was there a din? Well cause we've chosen to watch the best Family Movie of the year = Kids filled up the theatre and scream/cry/asked questions like mad. Oh well, there's nothing to complain or what about this since it's quite the norm for cartoons featuring ... erm well... eh .... "cute" animals. Generally cartoons, generally animals.

The movie's way of trying to describe long long ago and far far away scenes using paper cut animation. That's quite refreshing and I kind of like that. A ~~~~ lot of funny scenes as well as warm and fuzzy scenes where Po got to know that he was (obviously) adopted and who (obviously) his parents were, got to know his enemy and (of course!~!) in the end, won the enemy.

I do note the budding love between Po and Tigress, so will there be a Kungfu Panda 3? If so, please do choose a nice song for the movie as usually, it's the songs (Accidentally In Love) or some re~~~~lly brilliant lines like (Are we there yet?) that stays in the mind of people. For Kungfu Panda 2 I think I will remember "Inner Peace" for some time.

Super 8 (I'm not scolding vulgarities)

I don't like to watch movies that lament about how great human is by torturing human /animals /aliens /robots /alien robots /planet earth or in the end  triump after they fought back due to the stupidity of human. Hence I don't want to watch shows like Godzilla, X men etc. Super 8 belonged to the kind of movies I don't watch although in the end human did not triump. Not that I don't like Aliens (ok~ I don't like Robots) but I don't like the evilness of human.

Hence this was iniated by my hubby. I'm more interested in the intricate display of feelings by the young male lead Joel Courtney towards his dead mother and too-busy-to-care father as well as how chio Elle Fanning is. They can act damn well~!  So much so that I ignore thinking about how a group of kids can run about when the place was surrounded by the Air Force.

Coming up next will be (airily) Ha~~rry Po~tter (ta) ... I can't really create the airy way of pronouncing the name here but you'll know what I mean if you've watched.

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