Sunday, June 12, 2005

My boyfriend is type B

Went to watch this movie at Orchard cathay yesterday ..... was really funny however I was like sniffing and tearing all the way cause of my flu (;¬_¬).. The show was like quite funny and although the story line is like quite old fashion... I enjoyed the show alot .. so I will recommend this show to those who haven watched it .. I remember there was a scene where the male lead made the female lead wait at his house for hours while he go out for business ... while the female lead waited... she counted (something? looks like popcorn or some foam things)she arranged the "things" in Korean words "Is this love?" she also drank up all the wine that the male lead kept at his house.... Then when the male lead came back (failed business) he shouted at her for drinking his wine .. at this point of time ... I cried...>_<... ... I also din know why .. but the tears just kept dropping ... Those who never watch the movie wont know ... but those who watched would have known why the female lead wrote "Is this love?"

Probably I read too much into the movie or maybe I think too much ba ... should have enjoyed the show like its another comedy?

Wanted to meet Jane yesterday at Oriental Hotel cause she said there is a cafe inside .. wanted to meet her with Sounds Easy pple ... but in the end only Qisheng. Dar and I can make it so in the end so we cancelled the meeting (Sorry Jane~~~).... Dar and I went to Holland V to meet Qisheng for dinner ... not really dinner ah cause we ended up only eating potato wedges heez but kind of liked going to Holland V (I've never been there before believe it or not??! ..well once lah like a few years back?) (^_-)-☆

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