Monday, June 13, 2005


Sianz ... feel dun quite right when I woke up this morning ... although I was like already like this these few days ... but there wasn't a time when I feel so bad o ... so decided to go see doctor .. and oh my gosh .. like got 5 types of medicine and 2 days of MC ..~~~!!!

and one of the medicine is like the medicine I hated most!! Thats "became" Cause its like taste so bitter and not only that ... it leaves a bitter after taste in ur mouth that you'll feel even more nausea than u did before taking the medicine!!

of course I wont take all 2 days of MC cause I need to go to work ... taking MC is like having a death sentence when I get back to work cause of the mountain of work to be done .. So its like getting sick is not a good thing so みんなさん(everyone) must take care ya?

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