Thursday, November 24, 2005

Haiz 4th day of OT ... today worse usually we OT until 8pm but today until 10pm ah~~ all because of one stupid AGM where we do all the reports that will be used in AGM... sian I dun think most of the BOD who will be going understands what the hell the reports are~~
Somemore have to be the ursher for the tea break somemore have to stay till 4pm on SAT!!!!! Sian~~ I want to go out with dAr ah .. haven seen him for a long time...
Oh yeah talking about him, he came to my office today with dinner cause he knows that I haven been eating well and is tired.... hehe so sweet right? (^_-)-☆ but too bad last minute was told that I have to OT till 10pm so couldn't leave with him o(>_<)o so sad .... but never mind can see him on sAt so I must buck up and do my best for the AGM so that things can go smoothly~~

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