Sunday, December 11, 2005

"A Gift to be Simple, A gift to be Free~~"
Yoz! Its the season of giving again~ My favourite time of the year... not for the gifts, nor for the sprouting sales but for the caroling performances that we do every year~~ and because of all the hard work our committee is putting in... Sounds Easy gets to perform at One Fullerton~!
Yea man... its great performing for pple cause when u are on stage and singing ... not only can u see pple (those who appreciate) nodding their head to the rythm they are singing along too! Sometimes we get really appreciative pple who come up to us thanking us for the great performance....!\(^∇^)/ but of course there are also times when pple just stand and watch for a while and leave or they dun even bother whether u are there or not .... otherwise some 死孩子 will scream and shout near our mics..... but who says performing is easy? It sounds easy but it ain't~ So u pple out there pls (U better!) give us some support... come and watch us perform yea? Our performance time:


16 Dec 05 7.45pm One Fullerton

17 Dec 05 7.45pm One Fullerton

18 Dec 05 7.30pm Lau Pasat

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