Friday, February 24, 2006

Hmm... like along time never blog right? Actually I don't know what to write ah cause these few days are like a blur to me oh .. can't even remember what I did today man... (^_^")..

Oh well... what I can really remember is Sunday... where we went to Suntec K box .. this is like the 2nd time I went to KBox and like it doesn't do a tinnie winnie bit to improve my impression of K box... and like 3 hours for the pple I go with is damn not enough oh ..~ well frankly speaking, I think with them half the day spent there is not enough.... (‘ ∇‘ ) so we are all feeling like abit lost~~

Went to Mache for (2nd) lunch with Claire and Dar then on the way home on the MRT.. I really dun (DUN) feel like going home so I suggested that we go Hol V to look for Ah Di when Dar suggested we go Party World to continue singing ... like undecided so we decided to sms Ah Di and let him decide... so we were saying "If Ah Di said yes then we go if not we go straight home" but WAIT~ the next stop is Buona Vista but Ah Di only reply us a "Really ah? Ha Ha" Oh no .... how? What if we step out of the MRT then he decided not to go? Claire:"Then we have to wave good bye to the train lor~". Me:" What if he said no when we are 1 leg out of the train?" \(-___________-;)/
But thank goodness he said yes la ... so we continue to get pple lorz and went for a 4 hour session filled with laughter hehez...

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