Sunday, March 05, 2006

Went to Raffles Hotel Jubilee yesterday to watch Hall 8 FAP ... although the layout of the play was quite slow and abit lay chey ... the script (L0st) was good... mind intriguing ... mixture of comedy and food for thoughts.... The actors are great too .. esp the one who played "Chris" in the production... and for the first time... Claire is someone without the laughter and jokes (and with so much make up.. June would have l0ved to see her @.@)... but somehow .. no matter how depress she acted as Miya... I just find her funny .. maybe I am around her too much and her image just stays there... but I have got to compliment her on her acting... she managed to make me feel like crying during her solo... Keep It Up "Gl0ria MiYa ClaiRebEar"!! ~~(^o^)~~

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