Sunday, December 31, 2006

28/12/06 B4 Deathnote haha Yan Yan~ How's this?

28/12/06 before Deathnote.. haha Yan Yan How's this?
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Went to watch deathnote with Claire and Dar... Frankly speaking, was quite disappointed with the story esp since I have read the comics.. Part 1 & Part 2's ending combined makes it seems like the Director is in a rush to end the show..

Light's face continued to be big (and I was torturing Claire with my constant murmur of "big face" during the movie) though his acting skills seems more professional in Deathnote 2... Choice of actress was good for Misha's role and L's role, their acting was superb.. on the whole give them a rating of 3/5 ba ... if there can be a Deathnote 3 or 4 the rating can be higher ... hehe

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