Wednesday, January 17, 2007


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Just had our Sounds Easy retreat + Elections for new offices on 06 Jan 2007..... just came back the night before on the 5th at like 1130pm? Went to office the next day and was like super tired ( ´△`)アァ- when I got to May's house. Bought some cakes from the apparently famous pastry shop "Red Ribbon" in Manila to pass to her. Went to meet CY and ZY at Giant to purchase our stuffs for the BBQ (8 participants, 5 are organisers ;P) haha ~ All went well with the BBQ with the arrival of Kong Seng and his GF... but realised we bought too much food, mashmellows and titbits ($60 over!!)

Watched some TV after the BBQ then bath, din realised I took up 45mins cos I wanted to wash the grime (yeew!) off my hair... Like damn tired after that and din even wait for my hair to dry before going to sleep .. but aiya~ I should have used my brain... how to sleep with those pple playing mahjong in the living room? That left me with restless tossing and turning and occasional jerks from the "HA hA HA HA HA...." from "U know Who(s)" (mー_ー)m.。o○ zZZZ

Lack of sleep + having to wake up early the next morning left me with flu and a sore throat. Election starts with SY being the election chairperson. Reviews, comments, election speeches were made. Several good suggestions, views were brought up regarding where Sounds Easy should strive for in the next 2 years. Finally, 2 "heads" were chosen... YX and QS! this result is like no surprise to me though ... hehe... The "Chan Dynasty" we called them..

I do hope Sounds Easy can improve and hopefully expand. Watever it is, we had been singing in SE for so many years, SE had became part & parcel of my life. Even though I know once I get pregnant, I won't be able to sing, seeing SE grow will make me happy. Of course I will hope the rest of the members have the same feelings towards SE like mine. No matter what, our main aim of joining SE is our enthusiasm in singing....

Ganbatte! Sounds Easy ♪o(^o^o)(o^o^)o♪

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