Sunday, March 11, 2007

Went to QS's house for steamboat .. I was off yesterday ... slept till 11am haha ... (丢脸)then went to Ang Mo Kio to meet dar then to Thomson plaza to meet QS to buy the things for our steamboat meeting .. haha .... the weather was like damn hot!!

Just outside Thomson plaza .. a guy asking for donation to an organization came up and ask me whether I speak Chinese~ hmm .. its been a long time since people asked me that ... well .. its been a long time since i go out and have fun anyway hehe ... Dar asked me to speak Jap to him ... so I said.. what if he speak better Jap than me??

Anyway .. I am a 'Westerner" and have not been to Thomson plaza before .... the look of the "Eastern" and "Western are definitely not the same .. since all you can see on the West side are industrial... can be said to be "ulu" ba ..

Proceded to lunch then to shop around for things before we go and buy the 火锅料... saw Best Denki and decided the variety of things and the price is more competitive than others .. so we decided we most prob will buy our electronic prodts from there ..

Reached QS's house at like 3+ .. and we have until 8pm to prepare food .. of course we wont start so early .. so what do we do? Comics!!! Borrowed QS's comics "哇! 火头仔昆布" A comic a read like years ago when QS first intro me to the world of comics .. .. oo how much I miss reading and laughing at the cute comic .. haha ...

had fun and laughter preparing and eating our dinner of healthy steamboat ... some how I still prefer the "super healthy steamboat with 2 corns" we had at QS's house last time... after dinner is 'Cherry Glacia" time!! Chatted till like 230am in the morning bfore leaving his house .. I think his neighbours must be pissed off by then haha ...

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