Friday, August 24, 2007

now where was I? Haven been blogging for the past 1 mth ... recently received this msn msg from Tianwei asking me y no update blog? Hmm... been thru not much I guess, having not much meaning to blog down what happened in my life... but still, I realised, I do have my own fans .. haha following my posts. Well, thats what u do for friends who haven seen each other a long time, a blog keeps people together, you dun have to be constantly in touch to be friends while those constantly in touch may NT be a friend.

Went to a melaka trip with YX, KT, Claire, Phil and Dar. Not a very fun trip, having slept 2.5 hours the nite before that. Still the highest is the ever so-high-claire who proceeded to take candid shots of haoren and I sleeping. Tried to take some videos or photos for the video for our wedding dinner (without success). I guess the most successful part will be all of us getting down at some temple and joke around taking pictures and the purchase of "Sachimas" that Dar and I love to eat.

Also went to this competition for Acapella groups at Esplanade, funny how it seems that Sounds Easy doesnt sound that bad, just that we need more life, more feel of the musiz and more spontaneous-ness (is there such a word) in our singing. Of cos the competition gave some ideas to June (well, don't they ever?) and its interesting to think of what choreography June will put us thru tonite... haha

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