Monday, September 10, 2007

went to the BGM for UPCC yesterday and although i dun really like to attend this kind of things but felt that UPCC does make an effort for the community esp the minister, christopher De Souza and his interesting and pretty wife Sharon, friendly and accomodating to the activities made an effort to attend and take part in events.... I'm kind of glad that sounds easy can join UPCC as a grp even though like non of us are based in that area ...

Treated to the show Ratatouille yesterday at the BGM and boy~ that show is great ... must compliment the movie's use of music to make the movie even more fun and exciting... though the introduction part, I find too long and boring ... draggy but the story part is nice, humourous and interesting story line... on the whole, is recommended by me even though i din really write much of a comment here hehe ... rating i give 80%

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