Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Baby baby~

Went to Yif's house on Sunday morning ~ after a super late nite sleep at 4am previously haah which was after watching DVD with Di and Claire which was after ...... (oh shut up!~bash*)

Haha and reached yif's house at like 1130am and was shocked to find the whole house empty cept for Jeff tending to the buffet lunch and a few of her relatives there...

*panicked* faster call Jie... "When are u all reaching huh?" "2pm lei" "huh???? 2pm?Didi also? RS also???Jud also??" "OMG I havta sit here till like 2 pm???" "dun care her la .. just come ... " "cannot lei just woke up and looking a monkey wannabe tree now and all the aunties standing around..." and so sit I did ... but also fidget about... stand here and there ... go toilet... look at the really cute~~~~ baby (who for once did not cry).. and sit ... and fidget and .... haha

and when alot ... ALOT of her relatives come, I can't even sit liao cos all I can do is stand and fidget ... and finally resorting to sit in the center of the living rm and play with a baby whom was left there while his parents socialised... and the baby then proceeded to enter into a coaster snatching/fighting/biting competition with me (who is this siao jie jie fighting with me for coasters??) ... all the while I was chatting with this sweet little ballet learning girl (same fidgetting situation as me) and watching kids and babies (trying) running around

Nice Yif... among caring for the baby, chatting with numerous relatives and friends... taking care of things.... have to come and entertain me every now and then ... until finally saw Jie and Didi (just bathe) ... wow the light of my life hahah ;) and we proceeded to form our very own kingdom right next to the rubbish chute and chatted there ... occasionally dodging for the maid to throw the rubbish... until Yif is free enough to come and talk to us ... and of cos see the baby etc...

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