Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gift from Kawaii Tokyo

Received this notification from Post Office to collect a parcel... eh? I haven been buying online for very long eh~ wat is the parcel ah? Never mind just go and take a look...

and I found :

Which came from Japan!

Taking a closer look (the attendant at the post office remarked the box to be cute~ and received positive comments from Dar who seldom care abt such things), the box came from Kawaii Tokyo which happens to be the brand of the cleanser and moisturiser I am currently using:

and a letter from them (attn to happy kawaii princess) stating that I have won a competition for the launch of their new cleanser Brighten up wash where we are suppose to give comments on the use of their products (I am also using their lovely "Brighten up gel" which is a moisturiser and double up as a toner). Hey I won a : -

full retail size Brighten up wash~ Yay~ (^з^)-☆

I know this post look like some advertisement for commission but hey for pple who know me, I'm a person who talk abt products I like to use and having used the Brighten Up gel and wash, I really found the products to be very nice, I had dull, scarred, sensitive skin and prone to have rashes and red itchy patches by and by but after using the products, skin gotten smoother and not once did I have any rashes or itchiness with using the products.

Best is, being a "princess" who is very lazy about taking care of skin, the products saved me time. Not to mention the light refreshing fragrance which even my sensitive nose can take.

The Brighten up gel cost like $63 which MF say is very ex but I don't feel so cos I am a person who can't just use any products so my previous moisturiser and toner add together cost me like $50 + $63 = $113~! not to mention + facial wash it totals up : $163... but Brighten up gel cost me only $63+$24 = $87 which is like not ex lor~

Here is the link see for ur self the product and if you need samples, do email me, I have a facial wash sample and 2 brighten up gel samples.

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