Sunday, October 07, 2007


Though I set up this blog since 2003 which is like 4 yrs ago ... I've only been blogging since 2005... which is nt long .. this blog had seen its worst and I haven been updating it much. Therefore I didn't really go and find out much about blogging and etc ... in the past, there are no widgets, no blog ads... However, as I blog more and more .. I tend to look back to my past entries and realised that if I don't ever blog them down, these memories will be lost forever... and ever...and ever....

Hence I began to search and browse and experiment more and more with regards to blogging and hey! I've discovered blog ads!! One of the ads which I see more frequently and apparently more successful is

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A malaysia based blog ad network that link advertisers and bloggers. The greatest advantage of this network is that they retrieve geographic data of your blog, the characteristics of your visitors in order to provide the best matching advertlets for your blog. So no more do your friends or visitors have to wonder "what has that ad got to do with your blog?". They no longer have to worry about being abused by ads because the featured ads are what they may have been looking for all along~ (or what you yourself may be looking for) For those who travel, there are Zuji ads for you to find the best way to travel, for those who's looking for the best place to chill out, there is starbucks.

Everyone definitely have different wishes and mine is to be a housewife haha~ with a part time job so that I won't be so bored. If possible, I do hope to have my own Bubble Tea cafe haha ... why? because I love to drink bubble tea. In order to have my own business, I must have (of cos~!) $$ ... hence besides my everyday boring job of accountancy and upgrading myself, I also need to get money from all avenues...

Advertlets is of cause one of the better avenues to go about doing it. However I should think Advertlets should include more details on ways bloggers can earn, how payout will be made especially to Singaporean bloggers as Advertlet is based in Malaysia hence bloggers who wants to sign up but have only very little idea about it can better find out about how safe it is to sign up with Advertlets before they go about doing it. Stating the anti-hacking/virus/privacy with the information gathered will also help much.

(hee hee just wrote finish this advertorial review and I found a website thru that my friend needs)

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