Monday, October 08, 2007

Yawnzzzzz... Today is MONDAY! (ROAR!~~~)

haha ...~ woke u up?

I don't have monday blues or watsoever, becos I feel sianz every other days whenever I lack sleep ... yes... I'm a piggy hahaha~ Cos I need lots and lots of sleep everyday bt yet, I don't like to sleep... bcos to me ... sleeping is a waste of precious time when I can use the time to blog bo liao things and play bo liao games and watch bo liao Youtube ... hahah

Fri : Sounds Easy practice on Friday...too lazy to bath.... yawn yawn ... sleep

Sat :Fitting for sounds easy costumes at 11am.... went to Bedok (Claire's house) ... back to town again to meet the guys ... choose their costumes which involved me parading Orchard in lime green choir costumes and poses with male mannequins... pple tot I'm mad... can tell from the look in their eyes.... rush back at 5pm to buy the things for steamboat... mad rush around in CCK NTUC while we look for things to buy and CCK NTUC... doesn't have 金针菇ok??... and no fish paste... then comes the steamboat dinner with Lijie, Boon Hui, Renshi, Allan and of cos ... Claire... sleep late

Sun : wah~ can't get up lei .. bt need to go to Dawn's to choose gown, bo bian .. from 11+ choose till 1+ then eat lunch, walk around and buy bridal shoes (also for perf) this time already very tired eh ... reached home quite early round 6pm but cannot sleep ah ... becos I am the type who won't be able to sleep at night if I even sleep like half an hr in the afternoon.... so bo bian, have to tong until night time to sleep ... but becos I have been sleeping late for the past 2 days, I'm not able to sleep early... sleep late again~~

now is super tired while at work .. even when I am typing my blog now ... I feel like falling down and falling asleep .... whole person feel very giddy and feverish (plus I didn't eat lunch) bt today can't sleep early again cos there is my fav show every monday 少年特工队.... UrgH~ I wanna sleep!~

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