Friday, October 26, 2007

Bought this for 唯婷at the Action City in JB when we went to return the gowns that day... cute! Isn't it? I hope she can put it to good use since she is starting to go to childcare and being a rather quiet and shy child who sticks to her mum, there is tremendous improvements as she is starting to learn speaking up and being not so shy ... "ello?ello? 吃饱了" wa ha ha!! so Cute!!!! (the kid)

And also the "Duh" robot thumb drive that Dar gave me ... Y?? Y in the world shld a thumb drive be of such an ugly design? Can't they make it any cuter? Like maybe in the shape of a malau? (like that malau besides my bling bling pouch) or Maybe a doggy or something but ROBOT?? elloooo~~~~

Cute cute malau I got for myself from Action City... haha wat is the malau fetish about? haha cannot tell u otherwise Dar will kill me ... bt look at the eyes! haha Pulling the white handle at the top can change the eyes and move the arms! Malau United! Wah hahahahahah Claire is gg to like this.... ;)
and yes the purpose of showing off those gadgets is nt to show off the gadgets (mainly) its to show off..... TADA!
My new cam's 自拍相... finally got a slim lightweight cam with big LCD screen!!! yeah!! and its in pink! So in future I can get Claire to hold my cam and cause big headaches to her ... hahaha ... then she can proceed to be cured of her pink-gives-me-headaches-syndrome.... ;P
and look wat I pasted on our room's mirror? hahhaa that prompted a “你粘那个东西阿~~~!!!!!"
from Darling after he saw the photos
Yeah not to show off my thunder thighs .. pls pretend u never see them ... just look at those pink/red rubbery hearts pasted on the mirror ... hahah ;)
Lastly... the cam has got face detection!!!! Amazed~~ Even if I turn my head here and there, the square box to focus on the face moved with me! haha the wonders of technology....the more 神奇thing is ... the Malau shots are all very well taken rite? Apparently, the cam detects the malau's face too ...! Bt the mushroom head is not considered a face .. so Siyang or any pro photographer or techies... care to explain y is that? The cam detect 3D? Or things with eyes mouth nose ears? So if my face is damn flat will it still detect?

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