Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our wedding 21st Oct 2007

Wow~super long post again~ really tiring for the past few days... alot of things to prepare ... I've also learnt:-

Do not do everything by urself esp the bride cos u will be damn busy trying to hold still while ur MUA does ur hair and makeup while trying to reply msges and calls to ask u for directions/congratulations/bad news that they are nt coming in a cramp place and also too busy trying to wear ur gowns without accident .. greeting friends who arrived early while trying to answer questions when ur MUA is applying lippie on u.... ask the groom to do it .... ~ really! Since they dun have much to do that day!~ Ask them to brief the jie meis! Do the mike tests! talk to the managers! prepare the red wine! Attend to the guests!! Start the damn thing on time!

(preparing for the big day's performances... really big big thank you to my Sounds Easy pple! U guys are great! the songs they brought are ... 专属天使(Tank) , That's when I love you (Ashlyn) , Tiffany(梁静茹) and 今天你要嫁给我 (Jolin & David Tao)

Making of the ang bao box by Darling who is really great in handiwork .... those 2 paper roses are done by me ... I never do nothing bt take photos hor~~)

Writing dwn all the names and amt of the angbaos~~~ sifting thru the angbaos and making sure got names and keeping those with memorable msges and cute cute ang bao packets ... I sticked them into the guest book and there .. the guest book wrapped by Darling.... ;)

2nd thing I found out~

confirmed, guaranteed + chop/stamp (watever) to remind ur guests to arrive early and tell them u will wait for no one! no one at all! cept ur parents and his parents of cos~~ we started at 730pm ... with a whole table of guests late... lucky its only 1 table cos I specially informed everyone to be early or else~~~~ haha

3rd thing I found out~

No matter how much u tell the guests ur husband cannot drink alcohol~ they won't believe it ... hahah bt of cos we are all very happy that day its ok to accomodate to their wishes... and becos of that (and they blieve I am a good drinker) we are served with beer after beer... haahaa lucky weiming stuffed me some hot tea (telling everyone its martell) so we drank tea the rest of the way bt nt after drinking some full glasses on empty stomach ... couldn't walk straight line even before half the show .... haha ...I was like hugging everyone... taking dame lot of photos and saying words that almost succeed in making pple cry hahaha ... but I really missed them lots esp those whom I haven seen from goodness know when ...

4th thing I found out....

Always get very very very good friends to go home with u after the event ... becos the 2 of us can't walk straight, our things are all over, we can't get ourselves to our house without our 2 super duper gd friends Claire and Ah Di!~~~~~~~ squatted at the carpark cos I was like sooooo dizzy till I can't walk ... So I said "Dar I feel like vomitting" and he goes "sayang ... its ok I am here.... ARGH~~~~(he started vomitting himself)" ... the moment we reach home... i squatted where ever I can while Dar squat with me then proceed to fall on the flr of the living rm to snore... till he got up later to vomit while Claire and Ah Di tended to my watever wishes...

5th thing (and last) thing I found out~~

drink Yeos green tea (not so sweet!) and suck on 3 slices of lemon makes u sober ... really! tried and tested! haha but it din worked that well for Darling... his method was to dose himself with warm water while he sit hugging the toilet bowl ... dunno how many times he vomitted tat day ... he asked mi if he can sleep in the toilet lolx!

Next 2 days of marriage leave, we went to JB for some KTV after we returned the gowns to Dawn's wedding ... their service is still that gd~ ;) ... went to AMK hub for Pepper lunch (dinner) went to Phil's house... play O2~~~~ went West Mall and eat sushi buffet and of cos ....~ Blogging hahahahaha~~ ;)

video I edited for our wedding photos cos I din want to put our wedding album there for all to touch .... the song is "非你莫属" by Tank .... really loved his songs ... nt to mention Dar looks abit like him haha .. bt I dun understand y his songs are nt popular ... maybe cos u need to scrutiny his lyrics to love his songs ba .. and nowadays nt much pple does that anymore ... did some amateur PS with the photos ... really very amateur .. ahahaah and well, blogger upload photos very slow lei ... bt maybe my video is too large? I certainly hope my internet won't be down while uploading this ... bt I gave up in the end and used You tube ... cos although the videos seemed to finish loading on blogger ... there seems like no end after it loaded 21M of 21M

Hw come I don't update this in the wedding blog? Cos I think its quite tiring to update 2 blogs and sometimes I fall into a dilema of which one shld be for which blog so I shall put this in my blog since there are mostly my own views and experience ... I surely din know what happened outside when I was doing my make up ;)

Photos for that day will only be ready in 2 weeks or so ... my photogrpaher said ... ;) My photographer is Choon Kiat (free lance) for the day and MUA is Yuki frm Fame Salon ..My Jie Meis are Renshi, Lijie, Cinti and Judy and their partners who helped to arrange the tables when we went fr photo taking table to table they are Alan Lim, Wei Feng and Vernon ... special thanks to Jianfa who is my technical for the day... playing music, mics, videos etc ... . my good ness, I still have another wedding to go thru in Mar next yr and tat will consist of my customary 敬茶~ So I will be super tired again .. I hoped all my jie meis can go there since I will be all alone there with only my parents with me ...

Oh yeah friends with photos taken during the wedding dinner, please email to me yea? thanks my email is themuxicbox@gmail.com

took me 2 hrs to write this post ... and well that does nt include the time taken to upload the videos

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