Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Performance at DXO yesterday night ... wa lau~~~~~~~~~~ shyty Carmo~~

Performance at DXO yesterday night ... wa lau~~~~~~~~~~ shyty Carmo~~

haha erm strange starting~
well, our choral group was invited to perform at DXO for this ICA Global Youth Conference and University/Campus Workshop ... and we are told that we are supposed to rehearse between 6 to 630pm .. bt when we reached, there is this damn-feel-like-hitting-her-face idiot-carmen told us we are supposed to rehearse at 5pm... apparently, no one told us .. and hence we din have a proper rehearsal ... bt I think rehearsal is nt the prob in this case, as long as the mics are fine, its fine ... bt we are pissed at this Carmen's Carmo attitude ... firstly, she gave us tis "hey u disturbed my sleep" look then proceed to forget/hear wrongly our grp's name... and later, proceed to be rude when we wanted to buy mineral water into the club for our own use ... Club rules !! sheesh~~ we are not customers eh!

Ok back to the perf and forgot abt the shytty Carmo attitude ...

Perf was ok .. bt since its a club ... and the guests are all youngsters, u can guess besides our voices, there are many other sounds around while pple are busy screaming and taking photos ... most of the people who paid attention are the Caucasians mostly ... who took damn lot of photos and at least clap for our songs ... they did stood there and listen thruout and we are greatful ... They are the most appreciative lot of pple ...

We do have other fans as well, as we saw yesterday, while exiting the stage, we were stopped by this Thailand Secretary Directory from some university there ... and he asked abt us, give us name cards.. when we are leaving, came over to take photos ... and told us for the upteen times to email him... he even gave me more namecards and ask mi to email him for the photos~ and told me that he hoped we will have a chance to go perform for him in Thailand .. well we dun mind.. as long as ticket and hotel paid haha~

had fun on the whole ... marred by a carmo inccident .. hey we are potential customers and potential word of mouth ... dun u think choral grp pple visit clubs too~~ ?

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