Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chio chio~~! Haha! Went with Claire, Jianfa and Dar to watch Resident Evil 3... actually I tot we are going to watch Underdogs when I left the house ....

So after dinner, talking, walking, pop-corn buying and walking right to the door of the cinema, I ask Jianfa, "so which movie are we watching in the end?" JF:"Resident evil" ME:"huh~ I din know eh ... I tot underdog" JF + the rest:"(-.-")"

Anyway Milla is chio chio and no doubt abt that ... bt I seriously dunno what the hack is RE about .... until Claire told mi its near horror with many zombies ... I was like OMG ... I dun want to watch~~

Sat down anyway .. wat can I do? dash out of the cinema?? Haha~ Was told by Claire that this is RE 3 and I was like "...... I din even watch RE1 & 2 eh......"

So the first part of the show, Claire was like commentary for the previous RE till some time later into the show ... she stopped cos she was busy covering her eyes and me ... busy covering my ears~ hahaha

Seems like I am not disturbed by rottng flesh and splurting blood bt I am sure scared when they play music/sounds loudly and suddenly ... bt still, fingers-in-ears are nt enough to block out the sound ... so I ended stabbing my ears with fingers as the sound-effect made me jump ....

I can't give comments ... no ... cos
1. I din watch the front part
2. there are nt much pple watching so no screams = no reviews
3. Milla damn chio so I cannot give reviews
4. My ears pain ... cannot give reviews ...

hahaha~ Actually is I don't know wat to write la ... and I think one of the part of the zombie birds is lame ... so u mean after 5 years then got animals eat infected flesh and become zombies?

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